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Parents Guide to Millennial Acronyms

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Parents, get on our level. The real world revolves around acronyms now, and most likely, you don’t know what most of them mean. Sure you know “LOL” and “YOLO” by now, but there are far more out there that you probably don’t know yet. I’ll keep it short; here’s your basic guide to millennial acronyms.

These acronyms only scratch the surface. Decode the millennial vernacular.

WYD? – What are you doing?

HBU? – How about you?

OMW – On My Way

TBH – To be honest

MCM – Man Crush Monday

WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday

TBT – Throw back Thursday

DL – Down low. Used in a sentence like “Keep it on the DL.”

GOAT – Greatest of All Time

Fr – For real

HMU – Hit me up

Dm – Direct Message






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