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ClinTrump Throw Down In Second Presidential Debate

ClinTrump Throw Down In Second Presidential Debate [PODCAST]

Who do you think won the second presidential debate? — TheLeaderDigital (@TheLeaderUS) October 10, 2016 The second Presidential Debate featured another slugfest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both candidates apparently threw dirt at each other this past weekend through more leaked e-mails and secret video tapes discussing sexual escapades. “Pussy” stuck in the public’s… Continue


How Trump is Winning Over Blue Collar America

By: Kelssi Williams Political aficionados across America are all wondering the same thing about our 2016 Presidential race: How is Trump in this? This Presidential campaign has not been like any other in history.  A complete political outsider is the Republican presidential candidate.  History is being made right in front of us, but everyone’s question is… Continue

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