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Watch the DNC Convention Online, Full Schedule

The Democratic National Convention begins tonight in Philadelphia, following the GOP convention and a massive leak of Democratic National Committee emails that’s been widely attributed to Russian hackers; emails that describe Hispanic outreach as “taco bowl engagement” and draw evidence that Hillary Clinton was favored by the DNC while disfavoring Bernie Sanders. The schedule of guest… Continue

Music/New Music

Electronic Spotlight: Week One

Doing a music spotlight seems easy enough, but honestly I wasn’t sure what to include. There’s so much great music out there that deserves recognition, especially in the electronic music genres. I did know one thing going into this: I don’t want this to just be another list of high-energy EDM club bangers. What I… Continue


Could a smartphone app revolutionize democracy in America?

One phone application is leading the way for increasing political involvement, and holding Congress accountable  at a time where the American government seems to be failing. It’s no secret that public opinion has very little effect on public policy decisions. The major influence Congressmen feel is from political lobbyists and Political Action Committees (PACS), which… Continue

Fort Hays Man on the Street

Fort Hays Man on the Street slated to reboot in the fall

Fort Hays Man on the Street originally gained notoriety in the Hays community last fall with videos featuring host Braden Wiesen questioning students on their political views. The series is set to reboot this fall and will bring along Lauren Schilleci as co-host. Subscribe to the Leader to be the first to know about show… Continue

Leader Artists/Music

Cooper Slough drops EDM goodness on the Leader

Cooper Slough is an electronic music producer originally from Goodland, Kansas. He became interested in electronic music in his junior year of high school, but didn’t start seriously producing until his freshman year of college. His music stresses simplicity of sound design and features a traditional arrangement style. While he says he’s still not entirely satisfied… Continue

Red Rich Performing Fire & Ice
Leader Artists/Music

Red Rich hops aboard the community as a Leader Artist

Red Rich is a recording artist originally from Wichita, Kansas.  He began making music as a sophomore in high school in early 2010, and has continued ever since.  He is currently attending Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas, majoring in media studies. Check out some of his work below: Interested in becoming a Leader… Continue

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