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Electronic Spotlight: Week Two

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Much to the dismay of every student I know, summer is almost over.  In two or three weeks, most schools across the U.S. will resume classes. For some reason summers seem to be getting shorter. Maybe it’s because I’m finally growing up.

Regardless, the theme of this week’s spotlight is summer, and every song I’ve chosen this week carries with them the emotions I associate with summer.

As you listen, you’ll discover some upbeat energetic songs, some mellow songs for relaxation, and a lot of lyrics related to the season.

Last week I spoke of the endless possibilities of electronic music, and in doing so I put two remixes of the same song on the playlist. I’ve done so again this week. Not to illustrate a point this time, but rather because they’re both great remixes. Say what you will about Justin Bieber, his voice is phenomenal, and I’ve been nodding my head along to both of these remixes since I found them.

Here’s to the season. Take advantage of these last few free weeks we have in the heat and enjoy it. Go catch Pokemon or something.



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