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Electronic Spotlight: Week One

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Doing a music spotlight seems easy enough, but honestly I wasn’t sure what to include. There’s so much great music out there that deserves recognition, especially in the electronic music genres.

I did know one thing going into this: I don’t want this to just be another list of high-energy EDM club bangers. What I do want this weekly list to be is a list of unique sounds within the electronic scene.

From original mixes and remixes, to sampling and mashups, electronic music offers endless possibilities.

As you listen through this playlist, it will become apparent that I’ve chosen tracks from pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum.

One of the two songs I’d like to highlight comes from Slushii, an artist I was just recently introduced to. His remix of Ookay’s track “Thief” has one of the most catchy drops I’ve heard this summer. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I’m not going to tell you what instrument he chose as his lead for the track, but with the heavy contrast between that and the heavy 808-style bass line, you’ll be sure to hear this in a ton of festival mixes.

As you listen, you’ll run into another remix of the same song. The reason I chose to put this one on there too is to illustrate how different remixes of the same song can turn out.

Further down the list I’ve included a few songs that rely heavily on samples. Of all of them I think “this is what i think would be playing if you had a dope ass dream” by chuckee is my absolute favorite. Not only is it catchy and easy to listen to, but the beat laid over the top of the sample fits the vibe of the track perfectly.

The first week of this spotlight is about the endless possibilities. Kick back to the wonderful, wild world of electronic music.



Cooper is an award-winning digital content producer. When he's not making people uncomfortable by pointing cameras at them he enjoys producing electronic music and eating Taco Bell.

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