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Keeping Drinks Cool In Your Backpack

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I’ve bet you’ve had this problem. You and your friends decide to go out. Instead of going to just one party though, you go to multiple, usually carrying your beverages in your backpack. Unfortunately it’s hot outside though and by the end of the night, your beer is piss warm. Your only other solution is to buy ice and haul around a cooler.  Or is it? Here’s your guide to keeping your drinks cold in a backpack.

Double Up

Keeping Drinks Cool Step 1

  • You’ll need two different types of bags for this one. This first is a regular backpack that you’d use for school. The other bag you’ll be using is a drawstring bag. The double bag will really help to insulate the drinks and help to keep them cool for the night. If you want you can put the bags in the freezer an hour before so that they’re cool when you put your drinks in them.


Keeping Drinks Cool Step 2

  • Oh we’re not done insulating just yet. Put a t-shirt around the drawstring bag, and then put it in the backpack. After all, the more insulation, the better. Plus it helps to mute the sound of bottles clinking in your bag while walking from house to house.

Plastic lining

Keeping Drinks Cool Step 3

  • This really doesn’t help insulate it at all, so it’s optional, but the reason we have it on here is because it saves your bag from getting wet. Also, if a beer decides to explode it doesn’t make everything smell. I usually just use a Walmart sack if I even do it. Make sure it’s on the inside of the drawstring bag and the beers are inside of it.

Freeze water bottles

Keeping Drinks Cool Step 4

  • I recommend two water bottles. One might not be enough to keep everything cold and three just takes up room in which you could be carrying beer. This is the most important step because it’s what is going to keep everything else cold for the whole night. Make sure they’re fully frozen too. Don’t half ass it. What’s also good about using water bottles is when you wake up on a couch at some random person’s house with a pounding headache the next morning, you can start to re-hydrate yourself.

Fill with beer

Keeping Drinks Cool Step 5

  • Don’t be an idiot and make sure your drinks are as cold as possible before putting them in the bag. Pull the drawstring tight on the bag inside, make sure the t-shirt is covering the bag, and seal it up tight. You’re Gucci.

Turn Up


Now you’re set and ready to take the night on with some cold ass beer. For more tips check out our How To College section of

Keeping Drinks Cool in Backpack



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