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FHSU Media Students Partner with Hays Brewery

As the year draws to a close, students everywhere rush to prepare for finals. For Information Networking and Telecommunications majors at Fort Hays State University completing their Capstone class, this means polishing Convocation presentations. The INF 490 Capstone Seminar students set out at the beginning of the semester to employ the skills they learn in… Continue

FHSU Safe Space Voices Concerns over Trump Presidency, Marginalization

FHSU Safe Space Voices Concerns over Trump Presidency, Marginalization

Video Reporting By Braden Wiesen / Written By Richard Kerr Nearly a month after President-elect Donald Trump’s acceptance speech to take over the highest office in American politics, some students at Fort Hays State University are voicing concerns over their future. “The second I heard that Trump is our President-elect, I immediately thought wow, I… Continue


President Elect Donald Trump’s 100 Day Plan

As polling data trickled in Tuesday night, it become clear that voters not only turned out to vote trump, but also a republican controlled House of Representatives and Senate. Trump will also inevitably appoint a ninth supreme court justice, giving republicans a stronghold across all three branches of the federal government. With such a massive… Continue


[VIDEO] FHSU Students and Faculty Protest At President Martin’s House

The gloves are finally coming off, and things are getting interesting in the modest rural town of Hays, Kansas. A group of Fort Hays State University Students and faculty gathered on the president’s house lawn at noon Monday to show their support for the university president Mirta Martin.  Ironically, most students had little understanding of the underlying issues… Continue

ClinTrump Throw Down In Second Presidential Debate

ClinTrump Throw Down In Second Presidential Debate [PODCAST]

Who do you think won the second presidential debate? — TheLeaderDigital (@TheLeaderUS) October 10, 2016 The second Presidential Debate featured another slugfest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both candidates apparently threw dirt at each other this past weekend through more leaked e-mails and secret video tapes discussing sexual escapades. “Pussy” stuck in the public’s… Continue

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Vigil Held For Man Killed By Hays Police [VIDEO]

A vigil took place Thursday at 8:30 p.m. for Joseph “Joey” Weber, a 36 year old man with autism who was shot two weeks ago in an incident with police. Investigators have released few details about the shooting, and many in Hays are questioning the circumstances of the incident.  The nighttime vigil, however, was focused… Continue

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