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Your College Guide to Cheap Booze

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Entering into my senior year of college, I’ve had my fair share of drinks. I’ve also been poor all throughout college and had to find ways to get drunk for cheap. I’ve never liked the taste of alcohol either, so I did my research and found a bunch of drinks that hid the taste of alcohol, were cheap, and most importantly, got me wasted. Be careful drinking these and don’t get too turnt.

Cape CodCape Cod Cocktail

  • This drink is made with a mixture of cranberry juice and vodka. Cranberry juice hides the taste of cheap vodka better than anything out there. I typically use a mixture of either Viaka or Barton’s vodka and Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice.

Screwdriver cocktailScrewdriver

  • A screwdriver is a mix of vodka and orange juice. If I’m drinking in the morning for a tailgate or something this is my favorite, although I do drink it at night too. I personally have found that Sunny D actually tastes better because it’s a lot sweeter. On top of that, Sunny D is only a dollar.

Sex on the BeachSex on the Beach

  • A mixture of vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice, and peach schnapps. I personally leave out the peach schnapps and make sure that I have more cranberry juice than orange juice. Anyway, this drink hides the alcohol taste better than anything out there. Plus “Sex on the Beach” is fun to say.

Blue FrostUV Blue and Sprite

  • This is a mixture of UV Blue and any lemon-lime soda. UV Blue isn’t the cheapest of alcohols, but I thought I’d add it on here anyways because it’s pretty damn good. I haven’t met many people that don’t like this drink.

Sweet Tea and VodkaSweet Tea & Vodka

  • This tastes pretty good, especially if you like sweet tea. Plus as an added bonus it’s pretty hard to smell the vodka in it, just in case you get caught and aren’t supposed to be drinking. Some people also mix lemonade in this drink as well.

Lemonade and VodkaLemonade and vodka

  • The perfect summer drink. The sweet lemonade hides the taste of the vodka pretty well. A lot of girls and even body builders use Crystal Light lemonade when making this mixture because it has no calories.

Whiskey and CokeWhiskey & Coke

  • Honestly with this you can use nearly any kind of whiskey and mix it with Coke. A lot of people think that Kentucky Gentleman is a good cheap whiskey and you can buy a huge bottle of it that’ll last you for a while.


  • 40’s are cheap and get you drunk fast. On top of that, you look like a rapper from the 90’s, and what’s better than that? They’re not the greatest tasting; they’re pretty much just cheap beer with more alcohol. But the good news is they’re only $2.50. My favorites are Colt 45 or Olde English 800. Oh and make sure to get them in a brown paper bag for authenticity.

Four LokoFour Loko

  • I personally hate these, but Freshmen all over the country have been slamming them down for years now. They’re only about $2.50 and after one or two, you’ll be feeling pretty good. If your goal is to get drunk quickly without spending any money, I definitely recommend these.





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