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Why Apple’s latest emoji update isn’t diverse enough

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Apple has committed to political activism this past year by introducing same-sex families and a palette of new skin tones in one of the most important phone updates in world history.  The tech company is taking it one step further by taking a firm stance on gun control and gender roles with their latest iOS update coming out September or October.

The redesign ushers in single-parent families, male play boy bunny dancers, a toy plastic gun which replaces the so-2015 metal revolver, and females in occupations like construction workers, weightlifters and detectives just to name a few.

Why no expanded alcohol emojis?

Some proponents of emoji gun control say the introduction of a toy water gun emoji will lower overall emoji crime levels; opponents say that emoji criminals don’t follow rules and say they simply won’t update their phones and use the old gun emoji anyway.  And while this inclusive list of emoji characters is blossoming, many critics are saying the update doesn’t go far enough.


“This exciting update brings more gender options to existing characters, including new female athletes and professionals, adds beautiful redesigns of popular emoji, a new rainbow flag and more family options,” Apple said last Monday. “Apple is working closely with Unicode Consortium to ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere.”

Some critics argue the diversity doesn’t stretch far enough.  The technology monolith has yet to include ginger hair into their emoji language.  Not only does this exclude red-haired members of society from a supposed “all-inclusive” emoji language, but also Apple is basically saying that people with red hair don’t matter.

ginger emojiApple’s all-out assault on gingers has gone on for years now since their initial emoji launch, and it’s clear they have no plans on changing.  A petition is currently floating around to demand hair color equality on all smartphones.

And while the emoji language has been expanded to include gay couples and families, Apple has given the middle finger emoji to polygamous relationships and families, relationships with pets, interracial relationships and families, and the other 56 genders not featured in the update; it is yet another scourge on the face diversity and equitable emojis.

While Apple is making some strides, in what appears to be a PR campaign for the majority of diverse people, it’s clear that they secretly hate and want to oppress gingers, non-cisgender transexuals, and interracial relationships.  While usual diversity activists would call for a boycott on Apple products, the strategic release of Pokemon Go is hampering these efforts with many saying a boycott “would make them so bored. Like, what else would we do?”




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