[WATCH] Why FHSU Student Media Is In Danger of Losing Editorial Freedom

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Last Thursday April 6, The Student Government Association of Fort Hays State University unanimously approved legislation denying Tiger Media Network their request to increase their student fee.

While this decision will keep TMN’s funding levels the same, it will also continue to keep student media dependent on FHSU administration, particularly the President’s Office, for a partial source of funding.

This current model of funding leaves potential for student media censorship, by means of prior restraint and funding denial.  I know this personally, because it happened to me.

Editorial decisions I made three years ago were considered offensive to some, and condemned by the administration to the point that my university president sat me down and explained that her office held the purse strings, and I had better play along.  Man on the street videos that a majority considered hilarious were overpowered by an offended minority that demanded they be shut down.  My dream of experiencing a public education – something I had envisioned as an intercultural exchange of ideas and opinions – had turned into an Orwellian nightmare.

This is why I created this site: as a means to escape censorship.  After all, I didn’t go to school to learn Public Relations.  I want to tell real stories.

Watch the video above for more on the story.

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