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Update: FHSU Student Handbook Still Under Construction On University Website

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Fort Hays State University President Mirta Martin condemned an instagram photo last Friday which displayed FHSU students posing with a banner that read “Freshmen Daughter Drop-Off”, saying “we hold all of our students to the FHSU Honor Code which discusses integrity and responsibility.”  The Honor Code is still no where to be found on the FHSU website within the Student Handbook section, however the Student Government Association was able to retrieve a physical copy of a resolution passed in the Spring of 2015.

SGA President Emily Brandt explained that resolutions are different than bills. She said resolutions are used to recognize people, events, groups, and issues without actually making law.

Below is a transcript of the Honor Code resolution:

Powers/Gonzalez, Resolution No. 15/S/104, 4/9/2015

Originated by: Office of the President

Presented by: Office of the President

Whereas: The Student Government Association Constitution of Fort Hays State University was tasked with the responsibility to review possible versions of the new FHSU Honor Code to decide which one was the best.

Realizing: that all three of the Honor Codes presented during open forum on March 20th, 2015 were given careful consideration. That these Honor Codes were put up to a vote on April 2nd, 2015 to finalize the Honor Code that was to be selected by the Student Senate.

Noting: that each student senator represents 150 constituents and is voting on the behalf of their constituents.

Therefore: Be it resolved by a majority vote of the Student Senate and the signature of the Student Body President that the students of Fort Hays State University recommend adopting the following Honor Code the official Honor Code of Fort Hays State University:

I am a Tiger.

I belong to a strong unique family who strives for greatness and success. I instill integrity and confidence within others as well as myself. I incorporate honesty and responsibility in all I do.

I am the future.”

End transcript

A matter of media ethics

ig scandal censored
The Leader has made the editorial decision to retract the uncensored screenshot of Jana’s Campaign post displaying the controversial IG post.  One student involved in the photo reported receiving harassing messages on social media as a result of the post.

Jana’s Campaign originated the social media stir regarding the IG post when they made a statement on their Facebook Page Friday afternoon.

“We at Jana’s Campaign have worked a great deal with Fort Hays State University officials to reduce gender and relationship violence on our campus… Obviously we have much work left to do,” said Jana’s Campaign.

The student in question who posted the controversial photo has since removed it from social media at the request of FHSU administration, but a copy of the photo remains on the Jana’s Campaign Facebook page and currently has over 1,200 shares, one of the page’s most popular posts.

Martin made formal statements following Jana Campaign’s statements.  FHSU Student Affairs contacted the students Friday afternoon and asked the students to take the post down, and requested the students write an apology letter.




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