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These FHSU Employees Make Six Figure Salaries

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Ever wonder how much the employees of Fort Hays State University make?

Me too.

So I swept through the public record to find out.  I decided to publish this information in the interest of informing our local audience, and compiled a list of the highest paid FHSU employees.

The following list is derived from the FY 2016 FHSU budget and lists all employees making at least six figure salaries. These totals are excluding any sort of stipend or bonus pay.


As you can see, past president Ed Hammond was the highest paid official at FHSU, followed by current president Mirta Martin, and provost Graham Glynn coming in at third place with Vice President for Administration and Finance Mike Barnett trailing close behind in fourth.

One department that took our interest was the student media organization on campus.

Tiger Media Network had $136,152 in total operating expenditures. This is less than a fifth of University Relations and Marketing’s budget which had a total operating expense of $778,058.

Administrative bloat has been a concern cited by FHSU faculty as the administrative budget has grown around $1 million for two consecutive years.  This is in stark contrast with statewide budget cuts and talks of cutting faculty salaries via overload limits.  In FY 2016, $1,080,000 was spent on administrative software alone.

For the full FY 2016 budget, click here.




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