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The Leader Polls Show Trump Winning Big In Debate

The Leader Polls Show Trump Won Big For Western Kansas In Presidential Debate

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The Leader polled our twitter audience last night to see who our audience thought won last night’s first presidential debate. The results are currently contradicting the mainstream media’s consensus that Clinton won the debate without question.

Perhaps our millennial audience still isn’t ready to trust Clinton in office. Whenever Trump got his so-fewer-than-expected digs at Clinton’s character and dishonesty, there was something off-putting about Clinton’s facetious rebuttals and exaggerated facial expressions. It’s an intangible sense that most young people have felt since the beginning of the campaign season, opting for a more straight forward Bernie Sanders campaign.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is flying in the face of reality in claiming that not only did Clinton win, but that she “crushed” Trump. Op-eds from CNN and The Washington Post float to the very top of Google results for “who won the presidential debate 2016”, both of which are stating a clear Clinton victory, forgoing public opinion. They even have the entire 90-plus minute debate edited down to a few biased minutes in case you missed their unofficial advocacy for a Clinton White House.

Google has been a giant gate-keeper of information in this year’s election cycle, selectively censoring certain news stories while propelling others to the top of search results. If that isn’t bad enough, the so-called upholders and seekers of truth are straight up telling you who won the debate, despite overwhelming public opinion to the contrary.

Just take a look at CNBC’s poll or TIME’s poll if you’d like to see a closer representation of reality. Even The Leader’s poll is closer to reality – despite a small sample size – as opposed to the disingenuous information floating to the top of search engines:

Don’t take our word for it. We encourage you to watch the full debate in it’s entirety and decide for yourselves. We think the future of our country and the rest of the free world should warrant at least 90 minutes of your free time.

What did you think of the debate? Vote in our poll above and give us your thoughts in the comments section below:



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