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How to talk like a milennial

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This is your guide to staying “hip” in this generation. If you’re old, don’t use these terms because you’ll sound like an idiot. Just take these terms in so you know what the hell the millennials are talking about.


Dab – Dab is a dance move that looks like you’re sneezing into your arm.

Gucci – Gucci, for one reason or another, is another word for “good”. A way that it is often used is saying “I’m Gucci” meaning “I’m good”

Bet – This one confuses a lot of people that don’t know what it means. Basically, bet is another way to say “okay” or “alright”. It came from “You bet” or “You betcha”.

Bae – Babe. Usually referring to the person you’re dating casually hooking up with. Definitions are so old fashioned.
Turnt – For the most part it means you’re drunk. However, if you say “Dude, this place is turnt” then it means this party is crazy.

Lit – Kind of the same as turnt (see above). “ This party is lit bro” means that the party is hoppin’.

Fire – Fire means that something is good or great. “Yo, mama’s cooking was fire!”

Fam – Fam is short for family but can really be directed towards anybody. You can call your family “fam” or your group of friends you hang out with. It’s meant for those who are close to you, kind of like calling your friend “bro”.

Bruh – Short for “bro” but a much cooler way to say it.

No Chill – People who go above and beyond and are just crazy have “no chill”. Often used in sentences like “Man, white people got no chill.”

100 – To be “100” (pronounced one hunnid)  you have to be genuine or the “real deal”. Fake people are not 100 nor do they keep it “100”. To be 100 you must be straight with people. Often used in a sentence such as “Ima keep it 100 with you.”




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