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Pokémon Go Event at Cedar Bluff State Park on October 1st

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Cedar Bluff State Park is holding a Pokémon Go event, a first of it’s kind at a Kansas State Park. It will be from 10 AM to 8 PM on Saturday, October 1st. It’s coinciding with the state-wide Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Healthy Trails Day.

Saturday, the event will include a total of 10 Pokémon stops and 3 gyms on the North side of the park (Bluffton) and 2 stops and 1 gym on the South side (Page Creek). On top of that, Cedar Bluff will be placing lure modules at 3 of the Pokéstops in the Bluffton area.

“We created this event because we wanted kids to get out there and get active,” Amber McLaughlin, Administrative Specialist at Cedar Bluff State Park, said. “Pokémon Go is great because it’s a fun game that makes people walk around while playing.”

You can register at the front office for a chance to win a Pokémon Go t-shirtAnother important thing to keep in mind is that there’s free WiFi at the park (if you’re in range), so you don’t have to waste your precious data collecting all of the Pokémon. Also, if you’re phone is getting low on battery you can plug it in to any open outlet at a camp site. After all, you “Gotta catch ’em all!”

There will be free vehicle entry this weekend at the park, but camping fee’s still apply if you’re staying over night.



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