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If It Wasn’t For Their Personalities

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If it wasn’t for their personalities, both Trump and Clinton would be phenomenal candidates. Seriously.

We have two of the most qualified people ever to run for POTUS. Think about it. Hillary Clinton went to Yale Law School, married Bill Clinton and became First Lady of Arkansas followed by First Lady of the United States, and then she became a United States Senator, and lastly served as the Secretary of State for four years under President Obama. That’s pretty damn qualified. Plus, she would have her husband/former president to help advise her when needed. The other candidate is also extremely qualified. Billionaire Donald Trump went to Wharton’s School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, created a real estate empire that includes casinos, hotels, apartments, and golf courses, employed thousands of people of all ethnicities and genders, and hosted one of the most successful TV shows of all time. He knows how to run things and how to run them well. Both candidates are extremely qualified to take the reins of our countries highest position and there is no arguing that.

What’s the problem then? Why are people so reluctant to have these people run our country? If they’re so qualified they should be great for the job, right? Well, not necessarily. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have horrible personalities. donald-j-trump-1342298_1280One candidate attacks everybody with low blows if they even look the wrong way at him, and the other lies to the American people and never confronts the problems she’s faced with. They’re just not that likable, and that’s why this presidential race is so crazy.

Donald Trump has launched fierce attacks against news anchors, congressmen, former presidents, business people, and even some veterans. To his defense he was usually attacked first, but Trump doesn’t know how to let things go and that’s why some people argue that he doesn’t have the temperament to be our President.

On the other side of the ticket we have Hillary Clinton, who has been wrapped in scandals for nearly a decade. She has been blamed for the Benghazi attacks, accused of mishandling classified informhillary-41775_1280ation on a private email server, and even abusing the system with the Clinton Foundation, a non-profit she founded with her husband. These are all really bad things, and to make it worse is that she lied about them to the American people, even after getting caught. She even lied under oath to congress, which is a crime (well depends on your level of wealth and power). She has yet to admit it and own up for her mistakes. The American people simply just don’t trust her, and to get the highest position on our country you ought to be trustworthy.

All it would take is for one candidate to start being trusted by the American people and act presidential, and they would blow the other candidate out of the water, no doubt about it. After all, they both are extremely qualified candidates.



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