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How Trump is Winning Over Blue Collar America

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By: Kelssi Williams

Political aficionados across America are all wondering the same thing about our 2016 Presidential race: How is Trump in this?

This Presidential campaign has not been like any other in history.  A complete political outsider is the Republican presidential candidate.  History is being made right in front of us, but everyone’s question is how did this happen?  Donald Trump has taken a lot of criticism for rash comments and rude remarks, yet still surged in the polls.  In an America filled with political correctness this doesn’t make sense.  Or does it?

Blue-collar Evangelical Americans are, in my experience, the most outspoken Trump supporters.  He seems to have struck a chord with them, so to understand this I reached out to different evangelicals who work blue-collar jobs and asked why they supported Trump.  Read their responses below:

  • “I voted Trump because he does not sound or act like the politicians I am sick of supporting. Trump may be a white-collar man but speaks and acts like a blue-collar worker, a guy who we could talk to at the water cooler and roll his sleeves up and get dirty.  As a blue collar worker we know those kind of people in the most part to be tough, trustworthy and take pride in their work.” ~Stiemy Williams, age 44, Directional Driller at Halliburton Energy, Oklahoma
  • “I support his stance on border control and the 2nd Amendment and the Syrian refugees.  He will be for the small businessmen and he tells it like it is instead of worrying about political correctness.  He is an outsider, and those are just a few reasons.” ~Alicia Holland, age 39, Waitress, California
  • “Trump has taken aim at OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), argued in favor of approving the Keystone Pipeline and is pro-fracking.  Additional to his energy ideas he has been an advocate of our 2nd Amendment rights which is the foundation of national security.  Lastly, I agree with his willingness to call a spade a spade and STOP the political correctness crap.  Jesus was… less than politically correct in some cases when getting in the face of the Pharisees.  We need American men to stand up and Trump is leading the charge.” ~Rob Hale, age 40, Oil Producer, California
  • “I feel our country needs a strong business mind leading us, which he has clearly proven with his personal business successes. It’s time this country went back to being allowed to FREELY speak our opinions and beliefs regardless of if they are “politically correct” and I find it refreshing that he does this even when I don’t agree with what he says. Quit being so easily offended people! Americans are supposed to be stronger than that.” ~Shelly Schaef, age 35, Accountant, Wyoming
  • “I have been a Trump fan since the first day that he announced his candidacy. That was the first time in decades that I have been excited about a presidential candidate. He said things that I thought even things that weren’t politically correct. I assumed that he would be destroyed by the liberal media and the elites in the Republican party, but he has destroyed everything and everyone in his path. I hear Christians putting him down for some of his statements saying he is being too arrogant, but we’re not electing a Pastor, we’re electing the leader of the greatest country in the world, a country that has suffered greatly in the past seven and a half years. Trump will be a leader with a backbone who won’t go around the world apologizing for our greatness. I’m voting for Donald Trump because I believe that he is the last hope for our country to recover in my lifetime.” ~Rick Selby, age 64, Retired from Dept. of Corrections, Oklahoma
  • “I am proudly voting for Donald Trump and not because he is the lesser of 2 evils but because Hillary is the epitome of evil.  The GOP is scared to death and scrambling to find a way to put one of the establishment elites that they can control in office.  I love it that Donald is shaking up things in politics.” ~Jesse Wise, age 44, Production Technician, California

These were just a few of the responses I received.  Out of the ones I did not have room to mention, and the ones shown above, there seems to be a pattern: his lack of political correctness.  This is something I have heard time and time again from blue-collar Christians.  Trump has figured out what resonates with them, and not from data or polls or research done by his staff.  He has just been himself.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma.  Until interning in DC blue-collar jobs and workers were all I knew, and I understand why they appreciate him.  Election after election they have seen white-collar Republicans run and promise change for the middle class or reinvigoration for their job fields, but look at where America is.  The coal industry is at a 30 year low and the oil and natural gas industry is all but dead.

These are tens of thousands of job losses.  That means tens of thousands of people have lost the means to provide for their families.  Those that are working have taken such significant pay cuts that they are still struggling to get by.  They have been given the choice between a woman who is very vocal about climate change concerns, which would shut down these industries, and a man who thinks and acts like they do.

I do not think every Evangelical Christian needs to have the same opinion on the upcoming election, but as a Church whole it is important to understand the difference of opinion.  It is not our place to judge each other or put each other down for the decisions we are choosing to make in the ballot box come November.  For some, this is not just the possibility of having 4 or 8 years of another bad president, it is their livelihood at stake.  It is being able to put food on the table and pay the mortgage.  It is the tuition money for their children to go to college one day.



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