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How to Find a Job in Hays, KS

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Are you new to Hays, just started school at FHSU, or are a terrible employee that can’t hold a job to save your life? Well lucky for you, we’re here to help. Finding a job in Hays is rather simple, as most companies post their open positions online. With many of these you can apply online, but some will require you to send your résumé to an email address, or even worse, you’ll have to meet face to face with someone.

There’s numerous websites that regularly post job openings. However, many of them are not updated once the position is filled. Your best bet is to apply for a ton and hope to hear back from one. Here are some of the websites that Hays businesses post on:

Nex-Tech Classifieds

FHSU Career Services

If these don’t work, then simply drive around town. Businesses all over Hays consistently post “Help Wanted” on their signs or windows, especially on Vine Street. Job’s posted like this may not be the best quality, but when you need money, work is work.

If you’re a FHSU Student, you can log in to TigerTracks, click on the “Online Services” Tab, and scroll down to “Student Employment”. There you will find instructions on how to apply for jobs on campus through the Workday website.

Also, all major chains in Hays constantly have openings. Simply Google “Walmart jobs” and it’ll bring up links to their job application website. You can do this with nearly every chain restaurant or retail company, including but not limited to McDonald’s, Burger King, Hibbett Sports, and JCPenney. It’s really easy to find a job in this town.

If none of this produces a job opportunity for you then your next step should be to post a simple message on Facebook and Twitter asking if anybody knows of any job openings in Hays. Find mutual connections with professors, students, and so on. Also, look on sites like LinkedIn so find people in the same career field as you. You’ll be amazed by the amount of friends and family that respond to you with different job opportunities.



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