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5 reasons everyone hates politicians

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This is the year for outsiders in the political world. From Gary Johnson to Bernie Sanders – and of course Donald Trump – voters everywhere are looking for someone who isn’t part of the establishment to represent them. Sure there are still plenty of people who support the establishment candidates, but it is clear there is a growing trend to support the atypical candidate. Why is this? Clearly because what we’re doing isn’t working; our government spending is out of control, we’re fighting endless wars, and we’re not coming up with solutions to problems we all want to fix. Here are a few of the reasons why Americans are fed up.

1. The Government is Stagnant

The iconic do-nothing congress has been here for the last few decades and it’s getting pretty annoying. Both parties blame the other for every problem that they face, rather than solving them. Can you imagine if employees did this at any business? Nothing would get done! Which is exactly what is happening in Washington D.C. They go to work and refuse to meet in the middle on any issue, which leads me to my next point.

knockout2. Not One Party is Completely Right

You’d have to be crazy to think that only your political party is right and that every other belief is completely wrong. I think they call people like that “bigots”. It’s good to look an individual issue for what it is. Unfortunately, politicians take the stance of
whatever their party tells them to.

Newsflash to politicians: it’s okay to stand up for what you believe in! If you want to support both a balanced budget and LGBTQ rights, then more power to you. You need to stop trying to please your political peers and instead work to please the American people.

pinocchio3. Politicians Lie

Ever hear the saying, “On my first day in office, I will…”? It usually doesn’t happen. Politicians say a lot of stuff to get elected. When they say they’re going to give free education to all, or they will single-handedly get us on a path towards paying off our debt, it’s pretty much a lie because they would have to get approval from the party that opposes it, which is never going to happen. Politicians are just full of empty promises, like most failed relationships.

money bag4. Special Interests

Special interests are probably the worst thing to ever happen to politics on both sides of the isle. Elections are expensive. You have to pay for advertisements, advisors, security, stages, staff, wardrobes, and so on. Back in the day they weren’t nearly as expensive. You could just go to the newspapers or get on the radio and tell people your viewpoints and why to vote for you. But now it’s a communication war. The money to fund this war doesn’t grow on trees. Big businesses and billionaires around the nation give money to candidates. In return, these politicians pass taxpayer funded plans to help out their industry. Politicians are controlled by special interest groups. Money is power.

Statue of Liberty5. They No Longer Represent the People

If the people don’t want something, then why continue to push for it? And if our citizens do want something, then you better be doing everything you possibly can to make that happen. American citizens want our leaders to reform healthcare, education, the prison system, and our tax structure. Every single year politicians on both sides promise to work to reform them, but it never happens. Don’t you think if both parties want the same thing they would work collectively for it? Of course not. They’re politicians.



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