4 Tips For Getting The Most Out of Ohe Gym This Year

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1. Get your mindset right.

So many times we are lazy and do not want to go exercise, or even walk to class. Think of your body as a well oiled machine when given the right nutrients and diet. It is the vehicle that moves you from place to place. Do you want to look like a Ferrari or a minivan?  Do you want to change the way you look? Do something about it, get out and go for a run, lift weights at the gym, swim some laps in a pool. There are all kinds of things that you can do to get fit. Start slow and work your way up. It becomes addicting as you see your body change and you notice you have more energy in the day. It can only benefit you exercising and your body will thank you later in life.

2. Supplementation and Diet.

Always eat breakfast.  It fuels your body and your brain throughout the day and gives your metabolism a kick start. Pre-workout is a great way to get energy in the gym and have a focused, productive workout.  Always eat something before you take pre-workout because it can make you feel sick if you don’t. Amino acids are great for recovery and soreness as well as a powder protein. Creatine is also a good option, but you will need to drink a ton of water all day and it holds water weight.

One thing I’ve noticed is the quality of my workouts usually depend a lot on how much water I have drank that day and what foods I have ate. Food is fuel for the body and for your workout. Along with pre-workout, try to eat some plain pasta or grains along with 1 serving of fruit. Be wary when buying supplements and always check reviews and ratings.

3. Staying focused.

Once you are in the gym, stay with a strict rep/set range and try not to get distracted by other people. Music is a great way to do this and it helps keep track of time between sets. Focus on the muscle being used and try to get a “mind-muscle” connection, feeling every fiber contracted.

Have a goal in mind and stick to it.

4. Don’t get discouraged.

Constantly comparing yourself to others in the gym is unhealthy and unrealistic. You never know how long that person took to get in the shape they are. It’s good to set goals and want to look a certain way but don’t constantly think why am i not getting bigger? or why am i not losing weight faster? It takes time, commitment, effort, and dedication.



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