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FHSU Tailgreat Comes to an End

The annual Tailgreat, a popular pregame tailgating experience that brings hundreds of college kids and members of the community to Lewis Field Stadium, has officially ended. Every year, the Chamber of Commerce hosts Tailgreat as a way to bring people to the games and support the Tigers. Normally the event is held at the home… Continue
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Freshmen Seminar Part 4: Hot meals for under two dollars

Welcome to The Leader Freshmen Seminar.  We know you freshmen are undergoing a huge transition in your lives, and we’d like to soften the blow by giving you everything you need to know, that your actual freshmen seminar class won’t teach you.  Check into every Tuesday morning as we continue the freshmen seminar series throughout the semester.  Like… Continue


Parents Guide to Millennial Acronyms

Parents, get on our level. The real world revolves around acronyms now, and most likely, you don’t know what most of them mean. Sure you know “LOL” and “YOLO” by now, but there are far more out there that you probably don’t know yet. I’ll keep it short; here’s your basic guide to millennial acronyms.… Continue

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Top 10 FHSU Majors

Entering your Freshmen year of college? Or are you just thinking of a major change? We compiled a list of the best majors offered at Fort Hays State University. All of this information was gathered from a recent Forbes article about the top college majors with the highest starting salary. We compared this with majors… Continue

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